U-Turn (3)


I was seeing her after 3 long years, but she looked the same. She hadn’t put on a single ounce since then, same almond shaped eyes and puppy like face with hairs hanging loosely over her collar bone. She was looking gorgeous as usual . Oh God! she still have those effects on me. She came closer to me and sat on the chair right next to my bed. There was silence for some time while we looked at each other trying to gauge each other’s reaction. While I observed her more closely, she looked pale and weary, dark circles were evident around her eyes. I guess, she must had been there for long.

After quite some time which seemed like eternity she finally broke the silence prevailing between us . ” So Mr Varun, how are you feeling now.”she asked trying to cheer me up in her trademark tone. “Hmm, I’m fine.”,I said in rather disinterested tone. Disappointment was apparent on her face but what did she expect from a person lying on hospital bed. We then talked for some time or rather she was talking mostly; my replies were mostly monosyllabic or disapproving to her. I could see her on the verge of breaking hearing my cult replies, but she regained herself and asked, ” Are you hungry?” Even though I wasn’t feeling hungry but I needed some time to check my emotions and I was really behaving as an asshole. So, I answered in positive.

While, she went outside to fetch some food for me , my memories slipped back to the day where fate has decided something evil for me.

The Accident Day

The day was little hotter than usual and humidity was making it even more uncomfortable . I had just finished my day’s work and was heading towards the brand new restaurant where someone was supposed to be waiting for me . After a very long time I was finally dating someone. I wasn’t ready for this in first place but after constant pressure from my peers and friends , I finally agreed to let give it a shot. I had been to this place before and it was a very nice little place with quiet ambience and less crowdy and it seemed perfect for our first date.

I reached there and sat on the table which I had booked especially for this occasion, but it seemed like my date was late . There was a message from her stating whe might be late as she was stuck in traffic. So , I decided to wait for her . I fetched out my phone and started browsing social sites . After some time I got bored by the same old jargons and usual things. I never liked these social sites, even though they claimed to bring people closer but in actual sense they are killing intimate relationships. So, out of boredom I started looking around the restaurant. But my eyes were transfixed at something familiar or rather someone familiar .

I couldn’t believe my eyes, whether she was for real or I was imagining her, I didn’t know. I squeezed my eyes shut and then opened it again but she was still there. I pinched myself in disbelief but she had nowhere to go. She was sitting at the far corner of the restaurant. Although she was at the other corner of the restaurant but, I felt as if I was sitting right in front of her, carefully watching her every moves. My mind become numb and overwhelmed by her presence. I came back to my senses only when she stood to leave from there. I felt a sudden urge to talk to her. So, I started following her. But , when she turned abruptly I felt myself hiding from her . Oh God! Why I had to do that. She might have misunderstood me as a stalker . After that , she increased her pace as a fear striken goat as if I were her predator .But before I close the gap or call her she was out of my reach.

Dejected, I watched her getting far from me. Why she had to come back when everything started changing? I had just started accepting the reality . But all of a sudden my life had taken a u- turn . All my excitement about my date got vanished. All my thoughts got concentred on one name Ria. My phone was constantly buzzing and I knew who would be on line but didn’t wanted to pick the phone . So, I typed her a message “Hey sorry ! I was caught in some urgency. So , I left from there early. I will talk to you when I will be free and I fear we have to postpone our date now.”

I desperately wanted to talk to Ria, I just wanted to hear her voice atleast. And I knew what I had to do now. I logged in my fb account. And I knew who might had gotten her phone number. After 10 minutes, I got her number. Instantly, I called her, with every ring my heartbeat was increasing rapidly maybe exponentially. But there was no reply , I called her again and again but noone picked up the phone. 20 times, I called her and then I was going all beserk. Why the hell she was not picking my phone ? My mind started spinning with so many questions running in my small head. Then I started pacing here and there . Exasperated, exhausted and lost I decided to go back to my home . While crossing the road I had to encounter my fate . There was a loud horn followed by a screech and before I could comprehend anything I was banged by a car and last I remembered was sounds of panic and a lot of noise before waking up on this hospital bed later on.

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I let a sigh of relief; finally i was done with my work today. I was damn tired and my stomach was growling and I felt like I was being famished. The work was so hectic that I didn’t have time to have lunch. So, I decided to grab a dinner at the brand new restaurant just opposite to my office. So, I grab my purse and headed to it.

The restaurant wasn’t very large or extravagant, but there was something in that place that made me like it instantaneously . The ambience was really serene and there wasn’t hustle bustle unlike the other ones in city: probably due to the fact that it was new in the city. Being a foodie, that I was for sure ; I always loved such quite places where you can get good food , which I can tell for sure trusting my rich palate. And I knew this place was going to be my favorite hangout place for quite some time.

I came out of it and started heading towards the highway from where I can get a taxi easily. While I was crossing less crowded area I looked back instinctively suddenly I caught a sight of a person trying to hide from my eyes and then realization hit me OMG I was being followed. The realization was very daunting. My legs stop moving and I felt as if I was stuck . I gasped for breathe but somehow I managed to came back in my senses. I increased my pace and finally after 5 minutes of cat and mice race ended when I reached highway and took a taxi. My heart was racing and breathing was heavy. I couldn’t stop myself imagining who he might be and why was he following me. Firstly work and now this ordeal had left me completely exhausted and I dodged off.

I wake up by the sound of screech. So I reached my home and went straight to my study and reclined to couch. The comfort of house was quite relieving and soothing. As a habit I took the remote and started fishing the channels.

I was startled by the ring of my phone. I haven’t touched my phone since afternoon and it was still lying in my purse. Unaware of the fact that this call is going to unsettle and turn my whole life upside down. I picked up the phone. It was a call from some hospital. Someone had met with an accident and his name was enough to instill waves in my body. The last person he called was me and thats why they called me. My mind was racing with questions and full of want to be answered, but I had no time for all this, I had to rush .

It took me an hour to reach there. I went to reception and enquired about him. The receptionist asked me how I was related to him. ‘Friend’ that’s what I told her really doubting myself whether we were still friends. Anyways, she told me his ward number and I hurried to reach there. My heart was racing with so many emotions. There he was lying like a corpse, lifeless with oxygen mask on his nose, bandage on his head and a blood drip on his right hand. Half of his body was covered with blanket. Never in my wildest dreams I had thought, I have to see him like this. I had always urged to see him, touch him, sit close to him and talk to him for hours but seeing him like this was heartbreaking. Tears escaped my eyes, no matter how much I had denied this fact over last few years, but still I had such deep emotions for him buried deep in my heart which I was unaware for all this time.

I enquired about him and the doctor said that he was out of danger now but he was in comma and they can’t assure when he was going to come out of it. The next fourteen hours were nightmare for me. Sleep evaded my eyes even though I desperately needed it. My mind was in anticipation, at any time he might wake up from comma. But the wait seemed to be eternal. And when I lost all the hope of sleeping it came finally. I waked up by the nurse, I was still subconcious and it me sometime to register what she was saying. The memories of few hours back came rushing in my mind and I was back to my senses now. I quickly went to washroom so that I could look presentable to him. My head was spinning and my eyes were ready to come out at any time. Dark circles were evident but I cared nothing. The only thing in my mind was finally I’m going to meet him. He was finally out of the comma after fifteen long hours, and yes I’m going to meet him.


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U Turn(1)


I woke up suddenly after a very wierd dream . I felt as if i was sleeping since ages. I could hear unfamiliar sounds and beeps of some machine. “Where am i and what has happened to me” ? These thoughts came rushing in my mind. Before i could think of any answers ; a very vague memory flashed before me and a word escaped in my mind ‘fuck’ . I met with an accident.

Quite obviously i was in hospital. I tried to open my eyes but it felt heavy, i tried to move my hands but felt numb. After some effort i was able to open my eyes slowly . There i was lying on a hospital bed with a drip in my right hand and some some sort of medical equipments on my chest . There was a big monitor just behind me which seemed like displaying some sort of maths proplem that i was taught in high school. After some time a nurse came in my ward(which i don’t think belonged to me in any ways). “So you are finally consious “,she said with a smile on her face. “What do you mean by finally, for how long I’ve been here”, i said not trying to hide panic in my voice. “Hey! Relax don’t stress yourself much .Its been only 15 hours you were in coma, but don’t worry you will be fine”,she said casually as if 15 hours were just few seconds. After that she became busy checking monitor and noting something . Then she said something which i couldn’t hear properly, and then she went away closing the door.

After some time she returned with another lady . My mouth felt opened, my heart started pounding hard in my chest. I could feel butterfly in my stomach . There she stood right in front of me well dressed in white . She looked so familiar yet so different to me. I could see her approaching towards me.

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College obsession

Some thoughts are really disturbing,but when we dare to go through it then some of the most amazing thoughts starts flowing. I was really obsessed with my past. There were just so many thoughts about what i could have done,what i should have avoided and blah-blah-blah. These thoughts were of the collage where I couldn’t go. This is when some amazing thought came in my mind that prompted me to write this blog and share my thoughts.

Imagine you you have to reach some destination,and there were many means to reach there. You saw a luxurious boat which promised you a happy and safe journey,that caught your attention. You thought if you would want to go there you would choose only this boat. But when you reached there you found a long queue waiting for the same. The competition was tough and you weren’t strong enough,so in the end you failed to get that boat. Sadness engulfs you and the thoughts of boat haunts you so much that you forgot that you have to reach a destination because that is your ultimate goal. Anyway after wasting some of your time someone asks you to take another boat which wasn’t as good as the last one. You took that boat but your mind is on that boat that boat was so luxurious that you just couldn’t concentrate on what you should have been doing ie… rowing. What do you expect will happen to you? Whether or not you will be able to reach your destination?

If you will read carefully you will understand what message i am trying to convey. I am sure there are so many students who are facing similar problems. I want to say to them that it’s absolutely okay to fail because failure teaches us to change something and that is meant for our good only, to upgrade our version because that previous version of yours wasn’t good enough. And it doesn’t matters which college you got and which college you don’t. What you really care for is your skills because only those skills are going to matter. You might not get what really you wanted initially but if you work upon yourself you will definitely get it finally. And always remember you have to reach somewhere.

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Chemistry of life

Yesterday while doing experiments in chemistry lab something came in my mind. When I thought about it something interesting came out of it. I’m telling you what it is.

In chemistry,to obtain a desired product what we have to do ? We have to add reactants not just in right amount but at right time too. Any alteration to this, will not be able to produce the desired product. Similarly in our life, habits are like the reactants . So inorder to achieve our goals we need to have right set of habits and at right time to achieve our goals. A single bad habit and you will end up landing somewhere else.

It’s all about promise

Raksha Bandhan,a festival where we celebrate and cherish the love care,friendship and the bond between a brother and a sister. What we usually do on this day is to send sweet messages and expensive gifts to our sisters. But,is this why Raksha Bandhan is celebrated ???

In the heart of Raksha Bandhan lies a promise,a promise that a sister wants from her brother to always save, protect,rescue,help and support her.

But can we able to promise them of thier safety in this world where we hear everyday about rapes,eve teasing and molestation??? No, no one can promise this of thier own,but we can surely promise them to respect not just our sister’s but every girl or women . When every brother will promise this to thier sister automatically the promise of safety will be fullfiled . This would be the best gift that we can give to our sisters.

Here i am taking the first step . I promise to my sister (I’m not mentioning her name for the sake of privacy) to respect every single girl or women in this world.

Do you promise to do the same?????

Phubbing “a modern age communication malfunction”

Whether you have heard this word before or not but you .might be victim or perpetrator of phubbing. Firstly let us see….

What does phubbing means???

Phubbing is snubbing with your compan

ion in social situation by looking at your phone(ordevice )rather than paying attention to what others have to say about it

How does phubbing affecting our lives???

  • It is said that if phubbing were a plague it would kill 6 chinas. People are now communcating more on phone and avoids talking as a person. It gives clear message that something on our phone is more interesting than the person itself and thus it is slowly but subtly affecting our intimate relationships .

  • Studies have found that a person having a habit of phubbing are less trusted and are less likely to develop bonds whether it is at workplace or in thier personal life.

  • It can even lead to loneliness and depression.

Thus it has become the need of the hour to think about Why we cannot avoid the urge of checking our smartphones even during conversations . We really have to think which is more important our phone or our relationship.